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Feeling Far Away?

Remember what it was like when you were a kid and you found wonder in things all around you?

Simple things became magical, like splashing in mud puddles, blowing bubbles, or swinging. I could spend hours just exploring and finding things I hadn’t seen before. Sometimes I would just lay in the yard and look up at the clouds, thinking about how awesome it all was.

SwingHave you lost that wonder?

I sometimes do.

I get so used to seeing things around me and forget how our world is so full of wonder and how awesome is the One who created it all.

As the days flow into weeks and the calendar page is turned to another month I too often get caught up in the challenges of each day and sometimes find myself drifting away from God and all that He is.

My beliefs don’t change mind you, and I still have faith in Him, but honestly sometimes I find my prayer time becoming rote instead of real. Prayers begin to just get tossed out to Him as I go through my day instead of carving out time to just spend with Him, not asking or seeking, just adoring Him and listening for His voice.

Think about the earthly relationships that are important to you. I can guarantee the healthiest are with those you spend time with, communicate with and appreciate. These relationships aren’t all about you but instead are a two-way street, listening and caring about the other person more than about what you want for yourself.

And when time or circumstances prevent you from spending that time together you crave it.

Sometimes I forget that my relationship with God should be like this too.

When was the last time you craved time with God? Time to just sit with Him or walk with Him and soak up all that He is and the wonder all around you? Being quiet enough to shut out the world and the problems inside & out.

make time

Sometimes I wait too long and it becomes difficult to know what to say. I wonder if God still hears me or if I’ve waited too long between visits. I feel an uncomfortable distance and don’t know how to bridge the gap.

There are times I fear I’ve messed up too badly, disappointed Him or strayed too far from Him and He has distanced Himself from me too.


The Lord is near to all who call on Him,
    to all who call on Him in truth.

Psalm 145: 18


This doesn’t mean sometimes, or when He’s in a good mood. God is always near those who love Him but He also needs each of us to cultivate our relationship with Him and not take it for granted.

If you find yourself feeling a distance has grown between you and God I encourage you to go back to the basics. Remind yourself of the wonder of God all around you. Find the awe in each flower, the design of the clouds or how the raindrops fall. Think of how He created you – not how your body is not what it ought to be – only concentrate on the wonder of His creation.

Tap into your inner child and begin to thank Him for every little thing around you; even the fact that you can breathe.

As you thank Him, begin to add words of adoration. Don’t look in your bible, just speak from your heart. Tell Him how grateful you are for your life and how much you love Him. Don’t focus on your problems, or even your needs. Just focus on God.

It all seems too simple you say.

I’m beginning to think God never intended for it to be any other way.

Give it a try and let me know what you discover.


blessings & peace to you as you seek to know Him better…




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