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We live on a major highway at a point where it changes from four lanes into two lanes. Several times a day horns blare as two cars meet the merge at the same time and are unwilling to yield to one another. I’m thankful there has not yet been an accident.


As I heard the blare of horns again this evening I realized how much of a challenge it can be for me to give in to God’s will instead of my own. Going along through life I often come to a place where I either yield to His lead or continue on my own path, leaving Him behind.

There are always consequences to the decision not to yield, sometimes more severe than others, but always pulling me farther from the Lord and destroying the peace of my life.

My prayers should echo the psalmist:

Give me understanding, so that I may keep your law
    and obey it with all my heart.
Direct me in the path of your commands,
    for there I find delight.
Turn my heart toward your statutes
    and not toward selfish gain.
Turn my eyes away from worthless things;
    preserve my life according to your word.
                                                                     Psalm 119:34-37

The best part about yielding to God is the more we do it the easier it becomes. We find His will becomes our own until it becomes instinctive to look to Him before making decisions. Our friendship with Him is strengthened and our time together deepens.

Though it seems unnatural at first we will find that yielding control to the Lord brings a true peace to this puzzle of life.

blessings to you as you seek His will day by day.

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Books I’m Reading

Close Enough To Hear God Breathe by Greg Paul

In Close Enough To Hear God Breathe the author encourages us to discover a closeness to God that few experience here on earth. He weaves personal experiences and stories with scripture to draw us in to know God more intimately.

The book reads like a story, describing Jesus and events of the Bible in comfortable language to bring it close to home. It is unlike any book I have read in a long time and I devoured it in a few sittings.

If you are looking for a closer relationship to the Lord this is a book I would recommend adding to your reading list!

The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book  through BookLook Bloggers. I have not received any compensation by the author or publisher for this review.

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Expecting Blessings

And the Lord said to Moses, “I will do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you
and I know you by name.”

Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory.” Exodus 33:17-18 NIV

Moses had a remarkable relationship with the Lord. From his birth God protected Moses from death, even when he messed up and ran away. God chose Moses for the extraordinary purpose of leading His people out of their slavery in Egypt to a land set aside for them to enjoy.

The task was not an easy one for as often happens when people get together there was negativity, complaining and whining over the long trip and lack of an abundance of food and water. The negative people seemed to infiltrate the ranks causing God to tell Moses they could still go to the Promised Land but that He would no longer go with them. (Exodus 33:1-6)

Moses wouldn’t accept this proclamation. He had grown so close to the Lord that Moses reminded Him that though stubborn and hard-headed these were God’s people and Moses couldn’t lead them without the presence of the Lord.

God relented and Moses pushed the envelope even further, asking God to show him His glory.

Would you dare request this of the Lord? Do you have such a closeness with the Lord that you know even if the answer was, “no” that you could ask whatever you wanted within God’s will and He would not be angered but instead pleased that you asked?

And the Lord said, “I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the Lord, in your presence. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. But,” he said, “you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.”                                                                                                                          Exodus 33:19-20 NIV

God was so pleased by Moses’ desire to know Him better and draw closer to Him that the request was granted. But Moses needed to be put in a special place in order to see the glory of God. He had to be willing to do what God told him and be content with how God blessed him.

Treman Cleft In Rock
Then the Lord said, “There is a place near me where you may stand on a rock.
When my glory passes by, I will put you in a cleft in the rock and cover you with my hand until I have passed by. Then I will remove my hand and you will see my back; but my face must not be seen.”                              Exodus 33:1-23 NIV

No one had ever dreamt of being so close to God, let alone seeing Him. Mind you this was not an angel but the very presence of God Himself. Moses was tucked away in the cleft of a rock and protected by God so that he could receive this blessing.

Blessings from God come in all shapes and sizes, often not in the way we are expecting or hoping with our earthly hearts. However God can’t bless us if we’re not open to and even seeking blessings from Him in whatever way He chooses to give them. Moses may have been expecting to see God’s glory in an entirely different way but didn’t question God’s methods. Instead he relished in the glory of God and the blessing he received, looking forward to the future whatever it held, knowing God would be with him.

I have been praying over the past few months for a difficult situation that I was certain I knew the solution to. As I prayed and sought God for resolution I received an unexpected blessing far different from I planned. It changes my perspective and leaves me wondering with anticipation what the future holds. I feel in a small way I have been placed in a cleft of a rock, waiting to see God’s glory come to pass in this situation.

Is there a situation in your life where you are desiring a blessing from God but perhaps are afraid to ask for it? If you feel unworthy, remind yourself that you are God’s child and He is pleased by blessing us. He desires to give us good things.

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!  Matthew 7:11 NIV

When we come to God with a humble spirit and a heart washed clean with confession and filled with adoration for Him we can be assured just as Moses was that our request for a blessing will be met.

Seek His blessings for your life today and then be looking for them, possibly in unexpected ways. You won’t be disappointed!

blessings and peace to you today!


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A Servant’s Heart

Jesus washing feet

There’s an old hymn, Living for Jesus by Thomas O Chisholm that begins like this:

Living for Jesus, a life that is true,
Striving to please Him in all that I do;
Yielding allegiance, glad-hearted and free,
This is the pathway of blessing for me.

When I think of living for Jesus I also think of living the way Jesus did when He lived on earth, having a heart like His. As I begin to examine all Jesus did and said as He walked the earth I find that truly His heart was that of a servant. Although He is God Himself He lived to serve others and show then the love that runs deeper than human understanding.

I began to wonder, what does it mean to have the heart of a servant? A servant sets his or her needs and desires aside until those of the master are met. The only goal is to serve the master. The second verse of Living for Jesus reminds us of how the price Jesus paid as a servant here on earth should compel us to follow His example.

Living for Jesus Who died in my place,
Bearing on Calv’ry my sin and disgrace;
Such love constrains me to answer His call,
Follow His leading and give Him my all.

We are called to be servants of God and set aside our goals and desires while we serve Him, and in turn serve others in His name.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition and vain conceit, but in humility consider others better (more significant) than yourselves. Each of you should look not to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.   Philippians 2:3-4

Serving looks differently for each of us. For some it is meeting a financial need or providing a meal or ride. It may be helping with household chores or repairs, or perhaps lending a listening ear, a warm hug, or simply the presence of a friend. We are all called to pray for each other, lifting up needs and celebrating joys. (Romans 12:15)

 The third verse of Living For Jesus speaks to this very thing:

Living for Jesus, wherever I am,
Doing each duty in His holy Name;
Willing to suffer affliction and loss,
Deeming each trial a part of my cross.

It goes against our human instincts to seek to serve our Master instead of serving ourselves, our wants and needs. Having the heart of a servant sometimes takes us out of our comfort zone. It compels us to listen to God and those around us instead of being quick to speak. We may also be called to reach out to someone different from us, but through our servanthood we give hope to others and hopefully point them to Jesus.

Living for Jesus through earth’s little while,
My dearest treasure, the light of His smile;
Seeking the lost ones He died to redeem,
Bringing the weary to find rest in Him.


As often happens in the kingdom of God, when we are obedient to serving our Master and pleasing Him we find an interesting twist.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of heart.
Psalm 37:4

God is not a master who requires us to serve until we are weary and discouraged. He is so loving and generous to us that as we focus on serving Him and reaching others with His love we find our deepest desires are also fulfilled.


As we go through the week ahead may we focus on having the heart of a servant. Let’s look less at ourselves and more at those around us who could use a helping hand, listening ear or extra prayer. Let’s pray the prayer of commitment in the chorus of Living for Jesus, dedicating ourselves to Him.

O Jesus, Lord and Savior, I give myself to Thee,
For Thou, in Thy atonement, didst give Thyself for me;
I own no other Master, my heart shall be Thy throne;
My life I give, henceforth to live, O Christ, for Thee alone.


As we look back at the end of the week we’ll be amazed at the blessings that have come our way!

Blessings & peace to you this week!