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Blessings and Curses

With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men who have been made in God’s likeness.
Out of the same mouth come praising and cursing.
My friends this should not be.
Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?
                                                            James 3:9-10


I am a thinker — sometimes to a fault I guess. This passage helps me realize that sometimes I “think out loud” regarding a person and his or her actions. Perhaps I am frustrated or just don’t understand how/why they can act a certain way. I don’t mean malice against them.

But how does this “talk” sound to someone who hears it?

Does it sound as though I am speaking against a person…cursing them in a sense?

How many times would it be better to keep my mouth shut?

Quick to listen James 1-19

I have discovered that at times keeping my mouth shut will help diffuse a situation even when others around us are being critical. I find that offering an alternate opinion often actually adds fuel to the fire of complaining and criticizing. Listening to someone complain and not responding, or diverting the conversation in another direction will often stop the negativity.

Scripture also tells us

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…
1 Thessalonians 5:11

If we concentrate on finding the good in others it doesn’t mean that we will never be frustrated with people or situations we encounter. It does however give us a different perspective and keep us from being outwardly critical. We will find that the atmosphere around us becomes less negative and more peaceful.

We will also find that as we are less outwardly critical we become more inwardly peaceful and positive as well. Our minds will begin to automatically think less negatively and more peacefully as we practice the presence of Christ within us.

We take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.
                                                         2 Corinthians 10:5b

We can’t do this in our own power. It involves daily…sometimes hourly calling on the Holy Spirit to give us power that is not within our own human nature. His presence in our lives is what allows us to live peacefully in a world full of negativity.

It is what this world is hungry for, even if they don’t know it!!

As people encounter this peace they may question where it comes from. This opens opportunities to talk about Jesus with them!

I invite you to give this a try today and through the coming week. Begin to think about how little comments mean more than we give them credit for. And remember what it feels like when you receive a compliment or kind word. Even small kindnesses can add up to big blessings!

Blessings & peace to you as you bless others!!


From being Daddy's Little Girl to looking for "Mr. Right" I spent too much time looking for someone to complete my life. In the process I found the secret to perfect peace. I'd like to share my secret with you...

2 thoughts on “Blessings and Curses

  1. Paula,

    Was it at your suggestion or because of something I read or heard elsewhere that I have been prompted to make a list of all the one anothers and each others in the New Testament and seek to practice them and pray accordingly as I look at specific people. The list is long and as you note cannot be done in our own strength. However as I use them I can see where I have fallen short.

    Thank you for your ministries and for making me think and look to improve myself before I try to “fix” others.

    Wish I had the capability to fax this cartoon but lacking that I will try to picture it for you. See an elderly man in front of a mirror sniveling. He says to himself. “Richard, cut it out! Stop feeling sorry for yourself! You’re not as bad off as some chaps half your age!! You can hear and see and enjoy a good meal. You can still read a book..;and you have a fine wife who loves you. Quit sniveling about the things you can’t do anymore and be grateful for the things you can!” (By now he is scowling at his image[?]) He limps away holding his cane with one hand, other hand on his sore back, thinking to himself, “Hmph!… It always feels good to give someone you don’t like a good talking to.

    God loves you and so do I, Jan

  2. I don’t think the “one anothers” was me but what a great idea! I can see that cartoon in my head. Love it! Thanks Jan…love you too! Paula

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