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An Opportunity at Breakfast

What must it have been like for the disciples when Jesus appeared to them after His resurrection? Their sorrow was immediately replaced with joy and any doubt they had that Jesus was the Savior was erased, but I think they still had questions. Especially Peter.

Peter was one of Jesus’ closest friends. He was zealous and impetuous in his love for Him.
When the soldiers had come for Jesus in the garden Peter was quick to draw his sword in defense. I believe that same zeal and love for Jesus followed him into the courtyard. So did his fear. Perhaps that fear was the reason Peter denied he knew Jesus. Three times Peter denied that he had anything to do with Jesus. Then the rooster crowed.

Peter looked up, into the eyes of Jesus. As the soldiers led Jesus away Peter remembered that Jesus had predicted his denial at supper the night before. He went outside and wept bitterly. (Luke 22:61-62) He didn’t have another opportunity to speak with Jesus before He was crucified. How that scene must have played over and over in Peter’s mind after Jesus was crucified, questioning whether he could ever make things right.

Can you imagine the agony Peter went through? Maybe you can, more than anyone knows. You may not have denied you knew Jesus, but perhaps denied Him the opportunity to work in your life or use you to bless others. Most of us have had times we’ve let God down, and wondered how we could ever make it right. Maybe we’ve stopped praying because we don’t know what to say, don’t think there’s any way we can be close to Him again.


Early one morning after Jesus’ resurrection a few of the disciples were fishing. They returned to shore to find Jesus waiting for them with breakfast. They ate their fill, then Jesus called Peter aside. As they walked, Jesus gave Peter three opportunities to express his love for Jesus, the same number of times he had denied Him. Their relationship was not only restored but Peter was also sent out to care for others and spread the gospel.

Sometimes when I’ve strayed from God’s plan for me I wonder if this is the time He will decide I’ve lost my last chance. Thankfully it never is.  He’s always waiting for me to turn and renew my commitment to serve Him and welcomes me with open arms when I do. Jesus is always waiting for us to come to Him. Let’s renew our commitment to Him today, draw close and ask how He wants to use us to love others.

Blessings and peace on your journey today!



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