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Holy Week Day #6 ~ A Friday Like No Other

It wasn’t long after Jesus submitted to His Father’s will in the garden that night that Judas arrived with the soldiers. The disciples had been asleep and oblivious to the anguish of Jesus as He prayed. They weren’t prepared when Judas arrived with the soldiers and kissed Jesus as one would kiss a friend. Matthew 26:56 tells us the disciples fled when Jesus was arrested. Only John and Peter followed as the soldiers led Jesus away.

Jesus faced several trials that day to decide His fate. Along with the trials came whippings that broke His skin open. The air stung His wounds, but the soldiers kept whipping over and over, until bone and tissue was exposed.

A crown of thorns was pressed into His scalp, burying into His skin for the duration of the day.

His face was continually struck by soldiers’ fists but Jesus never showed anger towards His enemies. He stood there and took it.

Jesus could barely walk – could barely even stand, yet a cross likely weighing over 100 pounds was placed on His back to be carried along the path to Calvary. There His hands and feet were bound and nailed to that cross where He would die, fully human, yet fully divine, accepting the sins of the world, paying the price for our salvation.

On this Good Friday we are also paying a price. While it pales in comparison to what Jesus did on the cross, it is still real…and significant.

Maybe today is a tough day as you contemplate the price you are paying this Easter weekend, wondering how you’ll get through this time. Please remember the price Jesus paid on the cross doesn’t only offer eternal life. It also brings His presence into your life and the offer of peace and joy in the midst of uncertainty. Jesus understands the difficult road you are walking and wants to walk beside you.

Remember that Friday wasn’t the end of the story for Jesus. Two days later He would defeat death as he rose from the grave. Today can be a good Friday too, even if it isn’t the Friday we would choose. Trust Jesus to bring good out of these circumstances, and allow His peace and joy to be part of every minute of your uncertainty. I promise it will make today a Friday like no other.

Blessings and peace to you!




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