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Holy Week Day #2 – Turning the Tables

Jesus and His disciples entered Jerusalem Monday morning and approached the temple, finding it filled with money changers looking to cheat those coming to worship and merchants offering sacrificial animals for exorbitant amounts in order to make a nice profit for themselves. As He walked through the temple Jesus turned over the tables and seats of those trying to rob God and chased out anyone looking to take advantage of those coming to worship Him.

“Is is not written, My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations’? But you have made it a den of robbers.”        Mark 11:17

God’s temple had become a marketplace, and the act of worship was inhibited by men who were only interested in their own gain.

As I read this account of Jesus in the temple I’m challenged to ask myself what tables Jesus wants to turn over in my own life. When I sit down for my quiet time with God, am I truly interested in His desires for that time, entering into it prayerfully, or do I come with my ow agenda? What about when I attend church? If I am more interested in what I will gain from time with my Lord than simply being in His presence, wanting only to please Him, am I any better than those merchants and money changers?

Make time

This Easter we are given an opportunity to find a different focus, looking within at the attitude of worship within our own hearts, instead of whether the church service will be a celebration that meets our expectations. Let’s each take some time to examine our hearts and attitudes, allow God to clear out anything that is not pleasing to Him, and draw closer to the Lord we serve and worship each day this week and throughout the year!

blessings and peace…




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