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This public service announcement is not only for those who have a significant other whom you should not forget on this special day.

It is also (perhaps especially) for those who look ahead with dread toward a day that reminds them of what they “have not”.

I know many see Valentine’s Day as an over-commercialized holiday, and perhaps it is. I also know plenty of married people who don’t even celebrate it. They downplay the day insisting it is more important to express love every day, not because the stores are filled with chocolates and roses. This is very true, and we would all do well to live this way.

But the other side of the coin is there are many who really struggle this time of the year. Their struggle is just as real as our attitude that Valentine’s Day is “just another day”. You see, when you struggle with feeling alone and unloved, it can be very difficult to hear those who appear to have what you are lacking tell you that the day of love doesn’t really matter.

Maybe you are one of those people.

Maybe you are sitting next to one.

I spent almost 20 years of my life as a single woman dreading Valentine’s Day. I felt that it wasn’t fair that other women could celebrate the day of love with their mate enjoying a romantic dinner, being surprised with roses or jewelry to commemorate their love for one another while I sat…



Trying to figure out what was wrong with me

Consuming large amounts of chocolates (that I bought for myself)

No amount of people telling me Valentine’s Day wasn’t important or that it is just another Hallmark holiday made me feel any better. In fact, it made me feel worse!

When I finally got out of my own self-pity I realized there are many others who struggle and could use a reminder that they are loved, And that changed my perspective on Valentine’s Day.

Now when I look toward Valentine’s Day I see many different people:

* I see those who are in love and I pray that they will be blessed with many joyous days together.

*I see those who have lost a mate (through death or divorce) and pray for them, that the Lord would meet them in their aloneness. Maybe I’ll even send a card.

*I see those who are in a struggling marriage or relationship who long for a mate who would tell them they were loved, much less bring them flowers or chocolates and I pray for their relationship to be mended, their love to be rekindled and the Lord to be in their midst.

*I see so many singles who are struggling and pray they will find contentment in each day, whether or not God gives them a mate.

Who do you see around you who might be struggling on Valentine’s Day? Along with praying for them, there are also tangible things you can do to brighten someone’s day.
Here are some ideas:
* Mail Valentine’s to those who are alone.
* Make cookies or cupcakes to share with friends, co-workers or neighbors.
* Pick up small Valentines or some candy and hand it out to people who look like they could use a smile. (I did this one year…got some interesting looks, but also many smiles!)
*Pick up the phone and call someone who might need a friend.

There are so many other options. Pray about what you could do, on your own, with your significant other or as a family.

Whether you are one who struggles this time of year or one whose life is filled with love, I encourage you to reach out. Remember we were not created to live this life alone, and looking outward at how you can brighten someone else’s day will surely bring you joy as well.
It’s not to late to think of something…big or small.

And let us know what you choose! I can’t wait to hear how you all made a difference for others!

I guarantee that as you reach out, God will reach in!!

Blessings and peace…Paula


From being Daddy's Little Girl to looking for "Mr. Right" I spent too much time looking for someone to complete my life. In the process I found the secret to perfect peace. I'd like to share my secret with you...

2 thoughts on “VALENTINE’S DAY ALERT!

  1. You, dear girl, are a well-loved “valentine” (as is Miss Della Fern)…I may not do anything creative or bake or whatever…but I love you both….you bring much joy just knowing you’re in my world….
    This is a well-done post, my friend….I may have had significant relationships (good & bad) and been married (good & bad), but having been alone for many years…sometimes when I see someone at my stage of life who reconnects with someone or meets someone new it reminds me of my aloneness and that brings some hard moments and self-questioning, which leave me ready to jump deep into the pity pool, rather than just let my toes dangle and catch myself before I jump in….And, even with my son….at times it’s hard when I see so many other “children” being so involved in their parents lives etc…so many times I wish that for me, for him…but…again, catching myself before I accept the invitation to the pity party…I realize how loved I am and that we do have our own special relationship and I feel loved every time I see him..
    I re-read what I just wrote and a moment’s thought it must sadden God to see us struggle with human love at times…knowing what it cost Him….I think I need to lift a Valentine to Jesus….and remember….
    Sorry for the length of this…only sat down to check email on this gray day…before gray day outside turns into a gray day inside….thanks for your post ….. Hugs and love!!!!!!

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