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Ice Cream Parlor Ponderings

Sitting inside my air-conditioned house this afternoon I watched the flash of a thunderstorm in the distance yet promptly declared I was going down the road to get ice cream. After all, it is the unofficial last day of Summer so ice cream was a necessity! Pulling into the driveway I noticed the lines were long and I would be left outside of the wooden awning that would provide protection from the raindrops but I pressed onward. Crossing the parking lot to the front of the ice cream shop I reached the line as the thunderstorm drew even closer and I knew I had waited too long. But I was already there, so I bravely continued my quest. After all…ice cream.

I joined a line and glanced around. There was an eclectic group of people awaiting their cool treats; very old to very young, varying tallnesses and thicknesses, dark hair, light hair, curly and straight. Some had piercings, some had tattoos, some were wearing funny hats. There were even a couple of dogs tagging along. Although we were all different, we had one thing in common. Ice cream.

It wasn’t long before the heavens let loose and buckets of cool, refreshing rain came pouring from the sky. We all huddled a little closer under cover, and as we awaited our turn at the window we seemed to be more comfortable visiting than we were before. We struck up conversations about the storm, the dog who was scared of the storm, and the little girl who took the long way around from the inside of the shop outside for ice cream.

As we each received our treats no one seemed in a hurry to get to their cars and go our separate ways. Well, there was that downpour, and the thunder, and lightning that was getting pretty close. So we all hung around, eating our ice cream and chatting. It didn’t matter where we were from, who we were with, or what ice cream flavor was our favorite. We all had one thing in common, the storm…well, and ice cream.

It wasn’t long before long the rain let up and I took off my shoes and splashed across the parking lot to my car. As I climbed in and drove the 1/2 mile home, I wondered to myself why tonight’s adventure couldn’t be repeated more often, even without the ice cream? Why don’t we visit more, laugh more, and find more things in common with each other? After all, we each have joys, we all have struggles, all experience pain….and we all need Jesus. Why do I allow perceived differences to hold me back?

Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.         2 Timothy 4:2

Why don’t I look more at what I have in common with others than what makes me (or them) different? Why am I self-conscious, wondering what they will think instead of thinking about the need they may have that Jesus can meet? Why does it take ice cream and thunderstorms to push me out of my comfort zone? I’m going to work on those answers, and try to find solutions. Maybe I can begin by asking their favorite flavor of ice cream.

My dad always declined ice cream in the Winter, declaring it was out of season. I guess when we share Jesus with others we risk them declining what He has to offer as well. We may need to be prepared to continue loving them, opening our lives to them and sharing Jesus with them for a long time before they accept. The risk should not keep us quiet.

Will you join me in sharing Jesus more with others this week? Ice cream may or may not go out of season, but I know beyond a doubt the love of Jesus doesn’t and we shouldn’t act as though it does.



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