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In his name the nations will put their hope. Matthew 12:21

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. The world will be filled with hope and anticipation of what lies ahead in 2018. Resolutions will be made and joy will ring out all over the world.

There aren’t too many times when the world comes together to agree in hope but New Year’s is one of those times. Somehow if only for a few moments most of us can set aside our cares and concerns and look ahead with hope. We believe that good can outweigh evil and that this brand new year will bring better times than the year behind.

Sadly the hope of New Year’s is often short-lived. The news will report stories of sadness and tragedy that occurred while we were asleep. Our hopes can easily be dashed if they are placed in the things of this earth.

Thankfully Jesus came to give us hope that the world can’t take away. When we trust in Jesus as our Savior and Lord we have the hope of eternal life. Regardless of what this world throws at us we know that Heaven is our forever home and we live in hopeful assurance of that day.

The hope that Jesus brings can also be ours each day. When we choose to look for the good things of this world instead of allowing the bad to weigh us down we hold onto hope. This is my prayer for each of us as the new year dawns. Hope.

Happy New Year!



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