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Coming up to them at that very moment she gave thanks to God and spoke about the child to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Israel. Luke 2:38


Are you a couponer? I like to watch the shows with extreme couponers who get to the end of their shopping trip and pay under $50 for several hundreds of dollars of groceries. In order to have success they have to search out coupons, spend time clipping and organizing them and in the end corralling the products to redeem with the coupons. Without the effort of the person redeeming the coupons they would be worthless pieces of paper.


Because of our sin we should be worthless to God. We can’t approach Him in our own power because He is perfect and we are not. So why even try, right? Wrong.

God sent us a Redeemer in His Son Jesus. At the end of Luke chapter 2 we learn about a prophetess named Anna. When Jesus was a few days old Joseph and Mary went to the temple to present Him to the Lord Anna was there. She was a devout woman who worshiped at the temple night and day. When she saw Jesus she knew He was the one they had been waiting for. This child was the one who would redeem all who trust in Him from their sins. Anna told anyone who would listen that this baby was who they were waiting for.

Jesus came to give value to God’s sinful people. God loves each person He created and is saddened when we sin.

Yes, that means YOU have value in God’s eyes. He created you and me to match up to a personality, skills and gifts that fit us perfectly. Because we are so valuable to God He wants to draw out our value through the gift of His Son.

Just as extreme couponers must put effort into getting value from their coupons God put a great amount of effort into redeeming His people. God gave up His Son for a time, sending Him to earth to be born as a baby and live a perfect life so that when Jesus died on the cross His life was redeemed for ours. His birth was the beginning of redemption for us.

As you redeem your coupons, whether paper or digital and get their full value from them please remember the value you have to God. He gave up His Son so that your value can be redeemed.



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