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I saw Heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war. Revelation 19:11


Dogs are called man’s best friend—a  faithful companion. Dogs are always there for you, waiting by the door for you to get home and tagging along wherever you’ll let them. It doesn’t matter what kind of mood you are in, your dog will always love you and always be glad to see you.


What about you? Do you think of yourself as faithful? Are you someone people can depend on to be there for them? Can you be counted on as a friend, co-worker or church member to be available when needed and do what you say you’ll do?

No matter how faithful we try to be there are times when every human will let others down. That’s part of our human, sinful nature. We are not perfect and will fail at one time or another.

There is only One who is faithful without fail. Jesus is the only human who never sinned and will never go back on His word. Hebrews 3:2 tells us that Jesus was faithful to the One who sent Him just as Moses was faithful to all of God’s house. Throughout the gospels we see Jesus’ faithfulness as He taught His disciples and gave them the promised gift of the Holy Spirit after He returned to Heaven. Jesus always did what He promised and was  true to His word.

Do you know the faithfulness of Jesus in your life? When you look at the baby in the manger of nativity scenes do you see more than a tradition? Do you see your Savior and King?

Jesus can be depended on. If you haven’t put your trust in Him there’s no time like today. If you experience His faithfulness in your life share it with others so they can experience the Savior who is faithful and true and will always follow through on the promises of His word.



From being Daddy's Little Girl to looking for "Mr. Right" I spent too much time looking for someone to complete my life. In the process I found the secret to perfect peace. I'd like to share my secret with you...