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The stone the builders rejected
has become the cornerstone.    Psalm 118:22

What’s the first rule when constructing a building you want to stand for many years? Make sure you have a good foundation! Without sure footing the building can be shaky and its future uncertain.


The cornerstone is the first stone laid in a foundation. It is the stone that all the other stones are set in reference to. If the cornerstone isn’t set properly or on a firm foundation none of the other stones laid will be secure either.

Scripture speaks of Jesus as the Cornerstone. He is the first one at God’s creation of the world and all of creation was set in reference to Him.

As we see in Matthew’s account of the birth of Jesus, from the first news of His birth there were those who opposed Jesus and wanted to kill Him. Earthly rulers were threatened by Him and the news that Jesus was born King of the Jews. Throughout His ministry as Jesus taught God’s truth, healed the sick and even brought life back to people who had died many did not believe Jesus was sent from God and was the One who they should follow to have eternal life. They rejected Him, even though He is the one who sits at the right hand of God.

A strong foundation with a well-set cornerstone is important with every building yet those who build in locations prone to earthquakes or on sandy or shifting ground are critically aware. The foundations in those areas need to be dug deeper and reinforced more strongly than those with solid ground beneath.

What a great comparison this is to our lives. As we go from day to day in a world shaken by terrorism and random acts of violence combined with hurricanes, earthquakes and deadly wildfires we must be keenly aware of where the foundation of our lives are being set. If we put our trust and hope in the circumstances around us or on human capabilities we will always see our world crumble at some point. People let us down and circumstances are uncertain. If we put our hope and trust in Jesus we will always find a firm foundation under our feet.


In my life Jesus is always the one constant. I can depend that He will remain the same no matter my circumstances. I have hope in a world full or uncertainty because I know I can depend on the words of Jesus in scripture that He will never leave me or forsake me. (Hebrews 13:5) I have seen this proven in my life over and over as my earth is shaken.


I pray the same for you today. As we draw closer to Christmas may each of us draw closer to Jesus, the Christ and make Him the cornerstone of our lives!




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