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More Lessons From the Garden

Every year we plant beans in our garden. Green beans and Yellow beans. Usually enough to can and eat through the winter. Last year the beans came up and were quickly eaten off by my nemesis the woodchuck. Not a stalk was left un-nibbled and no beans were to be found.


This year we planted again. Two long rows of beans, one green, one yellow, stretching the length of the garden. They started to sprout and soon we had beautiful beans – 1/2 a row of green beans and 1/2 a row of yellow beans. Between the woodchucks (of course they multiplied over the winter), the bunnies and our deer friend the beans were once again nibbled. I’m not sure why they left half the rows untouched but I’m thankful they did. We had our first fresh beans for supper just last night.

bean row

Tonight I was out weeding and I uncovered something remarkable. Partway down the devoured section of a row was a beanstalk peeking through the weeds. It’s leaves were gone and the top of the stalk had been nibbled.


I weeded carefully and looked closer. This little stalk has a blossom on it and it will probably soon produce beans!

bean flower

The little beanstalk was a reminder to me of how God wants to use each of us, regardless of whether or not we feel beautiful, complete, or just like everyone else. To Him it does not matter how many times we’ve been nagged or ‘nibbled’ at, we are still productive people, loved and longed for by the God who created us.

I know too often I use excuses that I’m not enough this, or I’m too much that, or something’s not perfect with me so I can’t be useful to God like that other person over there who looks to me like they have it all together.

If we had it all together, we wouldn’t need God!!

I hope the next time I start making excuses for God not using me because everything doesn’t seem ‘just right’ I will remember this beanstalk and its little blossom. Perhaps it will inspire me to make the most of what I have right now and do something wonderful for God.

It might seem a little hokey, but perhaps you’ll remember this little bean too when you’re having a day when you don’t feel like God can use you the way you are. Hopefully you’ll see that you have more potential than you might think, and God is waiting to produce wonderful things if you’ll only allow Him.

blessings and peace to you in the garden of your life!



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