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Follow The Leader

It’s one of the most iconic images we all know and love…


The image is one of trust. These ducklings instinctively know their mother will only do what is best for them and will take them to where they need to go as safely as possible. She will teach them to swim and to fly, show them how to find and identify food and to know a predator from a friend. She might have to push them to do things that frighten them because she knows they can and the result will be what’s best for them.

What about us? Who do we follow?

Society would have us follow those who are rich or famous. The suggestion of following in the footsteps of someone who has ‘made it’ even comes in some Christian circles. There is occasionally a notion of promised wealth and happiness if a certain formula is followed. Unfortunately even some Christian leaders pick and choose from God’s word to create a message that people want to hear and willingly follow.

Consider for a moment this photo:

ducks follow chicken

While I found it adorable it also caused me to pause as I considered that this is not a great example of leadership. While the chicken has much to offer these ducklings, chickens cannot fly (for extended periods of time) and HATE water. She will not be able to teach these little ones to swim or to fly away from those who wish to harm them. In a sense (if you will forgive the pun) she is teaching them to be sitting ducks.

So how do we know who we should follow?

As Christians Christ is our leader and the ultimate example for us to follow. Through Christ we have also been given the Holy Spirit to lead us when we are uncertain of what God’s word is saying or if we are on the right path. The first place we should go is to our knees to seek God’s will for us and follow His direction.

Thankfully we are not alone on our journey. God has given us advisors to walk with us and at times lead or even  push us when we are stuck. They can help us see what we cannot and get us turned around if we are headed in the wrong direction.

In the Bible Paul gives us the ultimate identifier of a good earthly leader. He was bold enough to say:

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.     1 Corinthians 11:1

In all that Paul did his aim was to follow Christ. Those who followed him knew that he would not intentionally lead them astray because his eyes were set on Christ and his guidance from the Holy Spirit. When we see this in those we follow we can also be assured they are good leaders.

What kind of leader are you?

Before you say that you are not a leader, look ‘behind’ you. Is there anyone following your example? If so, then you are a leader. You may not stand before large groups of people or teach a class but if you influence anyone you are a leader.

Hopefully we can stand with Paul and boldly encourage others to follow us as we follow Christ and His example. We won’t be perfect (we are human after all) but when we aim to point others to Christ our leadership will be sound.

I am thankful for the good leaders and advisors that have been placed in my life and I hope those who follow me will see Christ in me.

I pray that each of you have the same aim.

blessings and peace to you today as you follow your Leader!


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