Overcoming Fear ~ Words Worth Remembering Week #14

For God has not given us a spirit of fear,
but of power and of love and of a sound mind.  
                                                                      2 Timothy 5:17 NKJ

Evil showed its face again in our country this week. A wonderful celebration turned tragic when the bombs exploded in Boston. The injuries sustained went beyond the physical pain and loss of life. Grief overwhelmed not only families and friends but the entire city of Boston and reached around the world.

The explosions brought something else with them; a spirit of fear.

As the bombing suspects escaped the scene and melted into their environment fear spread through the city of Boston, the surrounding communities and caused people around the world to question our safety. We began to wonder if something like this could happen in our own communities and whether our families can ever be truly safe.

Family Picnic

One of satan’s goals is to cause us to fear things that are out of our control. If he can make us question our safety and fear those around us he can make us think less about things we can control. We allow our minds to get confused about goodness and love and overwhelmed by sadness and fear.

The truth is, evil existed before those bombs went off. Evil still exists now that the bombing suspects are no longer at large. It isn’t always at the same magnitude but it’s always around us.

So what are we to do? We need to concentrate on the power God places in us through His Holy Spirit and allow that power to override the fear that evil tries to put in our way.

God’s power is one of LOVE and a sound mind…not a mind confused by the uncertain and unknown.

Faith plays a huge part in all of this as we trust in God. I’m not saying it’s easy.

But I guarantee it works.

blessings and peace to all of you today…



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