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Waiting With Anticipation Or Dread?

So much of Christmas revolves around waiting. Some people wait all year for the Christmas season to arrive, many decorating long before Thanksgiving has even come. We wait in lines at the stores to buy the ‘perfect’ gift, and many families wait for loved ones to come home for the holidays.

When I was a little girl we lived on a dairy farm, and not only did my sister and I have to wait for Christmas morning to come, but we also had to wait for Dad to come in from feeding the cows and his other farm chores before we could go downstairs to see what treasures awaited us.


We aren’t given many details about the time between the angel’s announcements and Jesus’ birth but we know there was waiting involved. I believe we can surmise a few things such as the formal marriage of Mary and Joseph. They probably began to settle their new home together and prepare for this special child to be born.

They undoubtedly spent time dreaming of their future, wondering what it would be like to be earthly parents of the Son of God. Many of us dream of the coming Christmas morning and the joy and laughter it will bring.

But there are also many who look toward the future and see only hopelessness. Some have lost loved ones and face emptiness in their Christmas preparations. Many have been out of work for months and wonder how they are going to feed their family, let alone buying gifts or a tree to put them under. Sometimes waiting for Christmas is filled with sadness or dread.

As we wait for Christmas this year let’s do so with open eyes and an open heart.

If you are facing loss or hardship I hope you’ll open your heart to Jesus, the One who came that first Christmas to take our pain and loneliness away.  He will meet your needs and provide comfort when you come close to Him. Also look around you for someone who is missing something that you can provide. It doesn’t have to cost you anything but maybe a smile, or a helping hand. You won’t be sorry you did.

Whether you are anticipating Christmas or dreading the coming weeks, focusing on looking up to Jesus, then around at others who are hurting will likely change all of our perspective.

blessings and peace to you as you wait…


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One thought on “Waiting With Anticipation Or Dread?

  1. I’m hopefully waiting to see if I win this book of yours! 🙂 I have just put my tree up, and need to be wrapping gifts. I can’t give much. Too many grandkids and greats for my money. But, love to give and will as long as I can. We also take a family’s name from a list our church gets from that neighborhood, and our Sunday School will buy something the children want or need. Some kids get such costly and many gifts, when so many have none. I think this had added to people looking for the gifts instead of concentrating on the reason for Christmas. Hope your Christmas is wonderful, Paula. Maxie ( )

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