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Incredible Delight

  • a high degree of gratification : joy; also : extreme satisfaction
  • something that gives great pleasure <her performance was a delight> 
  • archaic : the power of affording pleasure            (

What brings delight to your life?

   Your children?

     A cup of coffee with a good friend?

       Watching your favorite sporting event?

         Walking through the woods, along a beach, or some other beautiful place?


Do you know what brings delight to God?


The Lord your God is with you,
He is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with his love,
He will rejoice over you with singing.
                                      Zephaniah 3:17 NIV

This can be hard to grasp. The God of the universe, the Creator of the world and all that is in it delights in YOU, and in me, and in each person who loves Him and seeks to do His will.  

He promises it in His word, and all we have to do is believe and accept His delight, and then live in it.

I’m praying that each of you will find your peace in life’s puzzle today as you delight in the Lord and receive His delight in you.






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  1. Paula,

    I love this verse from Zephaniah. A dear and close friend “gifted” me this verse for my birthday one year and it has blessed me ever since. Thanks for the reminder and for the beautiful blog. 🙂


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