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God’s Diversity In Unity

One of the most wonderful things about God’s creation is the diversity. The contrast of the cool green grass against the warm blue sky, dotted with the fluffy white clouds and at times a warm colorful rainbow shows us His diversity of color in creation. 

In the midst of any group of people we see another beautiful palette in our skin colors – dark, light, and all shades in between. As we look into each pair of eyes we see not only the greens, blues, browns and hazels looking back at us, but if we look carefully we also see through the eyes to get a glimpse of the soul. The changing eyes of humans show our happiness, love, grief, anger and so many more emotions that are given us by our Creator.

God also knew with all that is to be done for His Kingdom we couldn’t have the same skills and passions, so within each of us He planted seeds waiting to sprout, then blossom into a ministry for Him. Some are speakers, some writers. He gifted some of us with a passion for missions, some as pastors, children or youth ministers and others as musicians and worship leaders. God also remembered that we need people behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly.

Our diversity is very important for God’s work to be accomplished. But looking out the window at a rose bush I was reminded of the “catch” to diversity in God’s creation.

One color of blossom on a rose bush is beautiful, but this bush was uniquely created. It was designed to highlight not just one, but three bloom colors. Without all three colors it would not be all that it is meant to be.

1 Corinthians 12 reminds us of God’s desire for His body. He loves each of us as individuals and created each of us with a great deal of beauty. But combined with the other colors in His palette we become the complete picture of His creation. One part is not more important and no one’s importance is lesser. Just as we don’t look at the parts of our own bodies and say that the foot isn’t as important as the eye, etc. we should not look at each part of the body of Christ to figure out which is the most important.

If the peace in your puzzle is off kilter, look at your part in the body of Christ. Do you see yourself as lesser important in the midst of others? Or do you see yourself as better than the other parts? Either view can rob us of our peace and the beauty of God’s creation suffers.

I encourage you today to become acquainted with 1 Corinthians 12 and pray about your part in the body of Christ. Find the positive qualities of those around you, and of yourself. And remind yourself of the balance. God loves you! He created you as a beautiful piece of His puzzle. 

May you find your peace in Him today.                                                                                                  Paula


From being Daddy's Little Girl to looking for "Mr. Right" I spent too much time looking for someone to complete my life. In the process I found the secret to perfect peace. I'd like to share my secret with you...

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  1. Awesome reminder about appreciating all that God has in us and the many reasons for why we are who we are. Hugs :O)

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