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Faith is Believing

It’s interesting how stepping out in faith in God can be so difficult for us and yet faith in earthly things so easy.


We have faith that when we sit in a chair it will not break.

We have faith that when we turn the key in our car it will start.

We have faith that when we flip a switch light will flood the room.

So why is faith in God often so hard for so many of us?

Is it because we cannot see Him? All the things mentioned above are tangible things that we have proven time and again. But we cannot see God. Even those of us who have proven Him to be true and faithful over and over in our lives reach circumstances even sometimes simple ones – where it is hard to put our trust in what we cannot see or know.

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”  Hebrews 11:1

As children many of us believed in Santa and because of our faith that he would fill  our stockings on Christmas Eve we wrote him letters and left out cookies and mild for him, and carrots for his reindeer.

And that faith was rewarded.

How much more should our faith be in our Creator? The God who knows us better than we know ourselves asks us to put our faith in Him — believing that what He promises will come to pass.

I believe that faith will be rewarded as well.

We are humans who are independent and often want immediate results, and immediate reward. I am believing more and more that when we put our trust in God to bring good things into our lives, to resolve situations and to bring us peace BELIEVING it will come to pass, it will indeed.

No cookies are needed!

Is there something you’re struggling with believing right now? I hope you’ll put your faith in God and believe that He will bring blessings your way. That is His desire for His children as well.

blessings and peace on your day…

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Letting Go


As I was reading my daily scripture this morning I saw something I never had before.

The scripture was a portion of a story I have heard for over 40 years. The story of Joseph. A few days ago he was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and became a servant in Egypt. Yesterday he was put in jail for something he didn’t do yet he was blessed by God and given interpretations for the dreams of two other prisoners. One of the prisoners was the Pharaoh’s cupbearer who was reinstated to his post and eventually remembered Joseph when the Pharaoh had a dream that couldn’t be interpreted by his advisors. God gave the interpretation to Joseph who was then made second in command in Egypt. The dream had been about seven years where the crops would prosper and then seven years of famine. God also gave Joseph the plan for making sure Egypt would be able to survive the years of famine. (See Genesis 37-41 for the way God tells it…the non-Paula’s condensed version)

Today was one of my favorite parts of the story (Genesis 42-45):

Joseph’s brothers (yes, the ones who sold him into slavery) came to Egypt to buy grain for their families. Joseph knew who they were but they did not recognize him and he did not reveal himself to them for quite some time. When he finally did they feared that Joseph would make them pay for what they had done to him so many years before. But instead Joseph introduced them to Pharaoh who was so excited he sent them back to bring their father, their wives and children to live in Egypt.

The next part is what I had never seen before:


Do this: Take some carts from Egypt for your children and your wives, and get your father and come. Never mind about your belongings, because the best of all Egypt will be yours. Genesis 4:19-20

Did you see it?

The letting go part?

They were told to never mind about their belongings…to leave them behind…to let them go.

If they had taken the time to pack up everything they owned and tried to haul them from Canaan to Egypt it would have taken forever! And since what was waiting for them in Egypt was much finer than anything they had ever owned they wouldn’t miss what they left behind. Letting go allowed them to get to better things than they could imagine. Sure they still might have gotten there if they held on but it would have taken much longer and when they got to Egypt they probably would have found that they didn’t want/need what they held onto anyway.

Now do you see it?

All of a sudden I began to wonder what I’m holding onto that is keeping me from the best God has for me.

Attitudes? Fear? Uncertainty? Disbelief?

Wow. It makes a girl think!!

I’m going to work on this over the next few days, weeks, etc. If it makes you think too I encourage you to pray about it and I’m sure God will show each of us as we are open to Him. Then we can open our hands/hearts/minds and let go.


I believe that even this side of Heaven God has amazing things for us that He longs to reveal. Let’s let go & see where He takes us!!

blessings and peace to you!