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Choose Thanks

It’s November 1st and now that Halloween is behind us many have moved on to Christmas. Radio stations have started playing Christmas carols and Christmas movies and specials are playing on TV. I have heard that some people are putting up their Christmas trees and other decorations now that November is here.

I love Christmas. I love everything about it (except the push of buying more, more, more). I started my Christmas shopping months ago and have begun making Christmas gifts. BUT  I fear in the excitement of Christmas only a few weeks away we will overlook the season of thanks that comes with Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving TreeAs the years go by I realize how blessed I am.

Life has its challenges, but is also filled with so many good things.

Too often I forget to look at my day through eyes of thanks. Our culture seems to push our focus towards the negative. It makes it easy to see what’s wrong with life (and people) and harder to see what is good. When I focus on being grateful instead of critical I find more peace in my puzzle of life.


For the month of November I’m going to choose thanks. Each day I’m going to share something I’m thankful for through a photo or thought.

I’m also going to make a point to thank someone for what they do and/or their impact on my life.   Thank you bubbleI invite you to join me! On Facebook or Instagram let’s use #choosethanks to connect with others who are sharing things for which they are thankful.

I know this is not an original thought or activity. But the more we can flood our environment with positive, thankful thoughts and images the more we will be encouraged and perhaps encourage others to live a life of gratitude.

Will you Choose Thanks with me this November?


blessings and peace…and thanks for all of you!

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It’s Your Choice ~ Words Worth Remembering Week #17

“Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…
But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”
Joshua 24:15b-16

God has been talking to me about choices lately and brought this verse to mind recently in my time with Him.

My first reaction was to say, “Yes, Lord. I choose You. I serve You.”

And He replied something like, “Are you sure?”

It reminded me a little bit of the conversation He had with Peter in John 21 when He asked three times if Peter loved Him. I imagine Peter losing patience with the Lord a little by the third time to think that Peter didn’t love Him. Hadn’t Peter walked with Him all those years? Peter even tried to keep the soldiers from arresting and killing Jesus. Of course Peter loved Him!

Was Jesus really asking Peter simply if Peter loved Him, or was it whether Peter chose to love Jesus more than other things in his life? Did Peter love Him more than his zealous pride? Was Peter willing to forget about what the other disciples were doing or who was the most important to Jesus and love Him more than all else?

Thus God’s question to me.


He wasn’t questioning whether I serve Him but instead whether I choose to serve Him over other less significant things.

God has a mission for me. A role for me in His kingdom. Do I choose this role over selfish desires? Am I choosing to use my ‘free’ time in a way that will please the Lord or do I waste it on things that have no significance?

Do I choose to serve Him or my own whims and ideas?

Do I even think about whom I’m serving or how I spend my time?

How about you? What do you choose?

Whom do you choose?

blessings and peace to you as you choose and serve this weekend.